Mediation, Facilitation, Restorative Systems & Conflict Coaching


  • FAMILY MEDIATION  We help Families-in-transition craft tailored and thoughtful Parenting Plans, and arrive at arrangements for Child Support, Spousal Support and Property Division.  We help keep Families out of Court, and focus on creating healthy transitions and healthy ongoing communication.
  • FACILITATION & CONFLICT-COACHING   We help Couples, In-tact Families, Teens and Elders have more successful conversations within their immediate and extended family.
  • RESTORATIVE SYSTEMS   We help set up conflict systems to sustain and restore relationships among Intact Families, Families-in-Transition, Extended Families, Faith & Cultural communities.


  • WORKPLACE MEDIATION  We provide a lower-stress, productive and confidential means to solve conflict in the workplace.
  • FAMILY BUSINESS MEDIATION  With our background in family mediation, we can help family businesses negotiate the daily added dimension of family dynamics, decision-making, tradition & change, and succession, among other issues.
  • FACILITATION & CONFLICT-COACHING   We help Businesses, Boards and Teams communicate and problem-solve more effectively, more joyously, more creatively and more efficiently, and teach the skills to do this on an ongoing basis.
  • RESTORATIVE SYSTEMS   We help set up conflict systems to sustain and restore relationships among Teams, Departments and between Management and Employees.  A shift in culture to “learning conversations” can increase employee engagement, improve team or family dynamics and avoid costly loss of time and talent.


  • COMMERCIAL MEDIATION  We provide a confidential and productive  means to help parties in conflict come to satisfactory solutions without the potential expense, exposure and stress of going to court.


  • We give one-on-one coaching to individuals wanting to better manage conflict in their lives.
  • We help prepare individuals for a difficult conversation, negotiation or mediation and explore the barriers to effective communication.
  • We help turn fear, stress and paralyzing belief into joyful curiosity, possibility and learning.