Our team is experienced in private and court-based mediation, as well as restorative circle models.   We also have a commitment to continuous training, to evolve our uniquely effective, empowering and transformative skills.

We believe that humanity can ‘do conflict’ better.   And we show how… one personal conflict at a time.


Mardi Edelstein, Q.Med, AccFM, Cert ODR
Mediator & Conflict Coach
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Mardi Edelstein founder of Spectra Mediation, is a mediator, facilitator & conflict coach with certificates in Advanced Dispute Resolution & Family Mediation from York University, Toronto.
Mardi served as co-Chair of the Family Section, ADR Institute Ontario from 2009-11, and helped set up mediate393 Toronto, acting as an Information & Referral Coordinator (IRC) in Family Law Information Centres (FLICs) at Toronto’s Superior and Ontario Courts of Justice (2011-12), assisting self-represented clients with resources to navigate both the Court system and their personal and family transitions, and educating litigants about Mediation and other options to resolve their disputes out of Court.

Mardi coaches and teaches new mediators, with York University’s CDR &amp: Family Mediation programs, FMTO and she delivers Spectra Workshops on deepening 2nd level skill and emotional intelligence. She has also served for 6 years as a neutral for on the ADR Institute of Ontario’s complaints roster for the LHIN.

Mardi is an ongoing student of communication strategies in a variety of environments from family to community to corporate.  She has trained in several Restorative models, facilitated workshops for the Institute for the Healing of Racism, interfaith and inter-cultural consultations, and, as a consultant to an international packaged goods company, transformed customer service, and collaborative decision-making processes, resulting in a decade of surpassed goals.

In her Mediation and Coaching practice, Mardi’s goal for clients is learning and self-determination, toward unique and enduring settlements. She believes that all communication and conflict resolution is transformative, no matter what style one engages in, or how high the stakes.

Mardi is also a musician, writer and photographer and has been told that whatever she does – including mediation — she does ‘artfully’.  Her intense respect and admiration for people – their passions, struggles, insights and resilience – and her ability to make connections between different cultures, occupations, economic strata, life stages, philosophies and beliefs, make the road to agreement more creative, joyous and powerful, and solutions clear and effective.

She is grateful to be working with talented associates connected with Spectra Mediation.

What people say about Mardi Edelstein…

As a Mediator

Mardi is the utmost professional, both conscientious and compassionate in her work. She is able to hear an individual’s deeper story, to find the best means to deal with their concerns. Her work makes a difference in her clients’ outlooks, their lives, and the outcomes that follow.
Gregg Fenten, Mediator & Host of the Mediation Station, CHHA, Toronto, Dec 2012

I had the opportunity to co-mediate with Mardi. She has the ability to stay focused and serene in situations in which many people lose control. Parties can see that and feel safer having Mardi around. That’s a great asset to have.
Rene Mendizabal, Mediator at Legalys, Toronto

As a Conflict Coach

After a coaching session with Mardi, I had the strategies to invite my ex to have a conversation, to listen to her with different ears, to get a different reception, and to open the door to consult together on our issues, rather than continue in the Courts.
~ Daniel M,  Health Practitioner, Toronto

As Information & Referral Coordinator, Family Law Information Centre (FLIC), Superior Court, Toronto  2011-12

Clients who are stressed, angry, despondent or in high conflict situations always come out of Mardi’s office smiling, more clear-headed and more able to function.  Many have opted to engage in mediation as a result of their interaction with her. This has all contributed to alleviating stress and improving the functioning of the FLIC and the Courts by helping clients function in a better way going forward and stay out of Court.
P. Halls, Sr. Court Clerk, Family Law Information Centre, Superior Court, Toronto, Dec 2012

We are very thankful for Mardi’s encouragement and openness to the Court Support Worker program and for working as a team with us. Her compassion and skills with clients were truly valued.
T. Mbunwe, Court Support Worker, Barbara Schlifer Clinic, Toronto, Dec 2012

As a Coach for Students of Mediation

Your style, compassion, dedication and coaching skills are so helpful, refreshing and encouraging! You really motivated and inspired me and for that I am grateful.
~ Amanda M, York University Advanced Mediation practicum

Thank you for your coaching work in the advanced Mediation skills module.  Your knowledge and skills are impressive, and you have great rapport with the students.

~ D. Hodgkinson, Course Instructor, Conflict Dispute Resolution, Core II Advanced module, York University Continuing Studies, Toronto